Morning Light

Tuesday morning was a reminder of the unique wonder of “morning light”.  It is just so clear, pure, sweet and warm with hints of promise for the rest of the day.  Usually, I close my eyes and meditate first thing, but, this day I had chosen to move to the balcony and do my Tai Chi forms as a wake up exercise  (good decision, by the way).  That meant my eyes stayed open and I was so glad they did.  The freshly risen sun and the assortment of clouds made for an unparalleled theatrical show.  As I watched, the clouds became the spotlight operator.  The number began with the foothills brightly illuminated, with details popping out at me, Red Rocks winking a “hello”.  After I glanced away for just a moment, now the spotlight is featuring the Front Range ridge.  Beautiful, crisp, clear tans and browns on the mountaintop as I’ve never seen them before.  Those mountains seem to move closer, get bigger in the new morning light.  Now, the number calls for the foothills again as the spotlight isolates the entire ridge with renewed brightness.  One more glance away, and the show is over. Fleeting but brilliant, my personal nature show sets me off on my day.

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