Journal post 9.19.15


Mesa Verde Park – stunning drive through the mountains.  The overlooks pan out across the valley to see more cliffs from afar.  The Cliff Dwellings look like so many little dollhouses carved from ivory as little hand sized toys.  To try to realize the scope of how these came to  be seems impossible.  How did the ancients even reach these places, let alone build homes and then live there?  We tour a dwelling tomorrow.  That will bring us closer to the experience.


  1. set up the wifi each time you check in to a hotel.  Useful for research about the next hotel.
  2. Always agree on a meeting place if one of us goes to the restroom while the other is still sightseeing.
  3. Check ahead for availability at the Far View Inn.  On the day of check in, take a guided tour in the morning, use the rest of the day to explore the park and then check in to your room so you can awake inside that great park!
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