Journal post 9.20.15

The tour was exhilarating!  I was nervous about my ability to climb the ladders and live up to any rigors of the caves.  Of course I could do it all and I felt the love within the space directed specifically at me.  It was sacred to be where the ancients lived.  Perplexing and awesome that they even had the idea, then carried bricks there, built structures and lived there – up and down – back and forth – for 100 years.  Genius and inspiration have always been and always will be all around us.  The Pit Houses and Pit Rooms were a reality based example of scale and scope of ancient lives.  Far View Village was the central community above ground brick and masonry.  Spread before us, the evolution of nomadic life, then buildings – above ground, sunken , cave dwellings and finally cliff house dwelling.  They showcase adaptation, ingenuity, industry and the human desire for more.

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