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That darn Muse

That muse just keeps niggling me.  I did this art (colored pencils and ink) during the winter as a soulself portrait.  Then Miss Muse spoke some playful words.  When I remain open, she speaks.  Love and Peace. Advertisements

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Oporto Me Oh My Oh: 10 Outobro ’17

There were hordes of people in Oporto.  I mean hordes.  Germans and Brits and French and Spanish and at least one Estonian, we know because she told us so in very good English; and I’m sure there were other nationalities

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Dog Days And Dog Poets: 31 Agosto ’17

Portugal recently celebrated the feast day for Saint Roche, the patron saint of dogs, which is one theory why this time of summer is called the dog days.  It’s certainly the slow time in Portugal.  Everything shuts down in August.  Our language school, swimming

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Morning Light

Tuesday morning was a reminder of the unique wonder of “morning light”.  It is just so clear, pure, sweet and warm with hints of promise for the rest of the day.  Usually, I close my eyes and meditate first thing,

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